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Art I Like


Check out this page I just added. You won’t be disappointed. by Whitney Wood Advertisements

About a week or so ago, I posted a response to a post by Wes on The Reformation and Images. The discussion in that post inspired other posts by both Wes and his friend Paul on the issue of art….what is art? What makes art good or bad? Is there an element of objectivity when […]

Here is an interesting article I found through a friend’s website. An interesting spin on online social networking. In India, Poverty Inspires Technology Workers to Altruism – New York Times

Two rules, Norm


Dan: “Hey, hey. Hey, Norm? Norm. D’ya know the two rules in our office? You know what they are?” Norm: “Uh, the customer’s always right?” Dan: “Yeah, that’s right, Norm. Y’know what the second rule is? Re-read number one. Re-read the first rule, Norm. Here are our two rules around here: Rule number one? The […]

“Untitled 5”  Cool and unphased, he sits at the table. It was one of those days that’s not really a day. Overcast, windy, and humid. But cold…and leaves were everywhere. The only thing that’s been playing in his head from the moment he woke up was Untitled 5. For some reason he can’t remember how it started, but […]

Okay I have to weigh in. This is in response to a post on Wes’s blog on The Reformation and Images. I have a lot more to say, but for now I’ll keep it brief. I do not personally like Kinkade’s paintings. But does this mean it’s not good art? What makes good art? Here […]

Fall Canceled


The Onion says fall is canceled. Here are some of the Onion’s favorite memories: Some of fall’s most memorable moments 1841: Leaves crumple gently underfoot 1969: Nation charmed by adorable kids bundled up in scarves 1998: A number of highly anticipated weddings showcase stunning foliage 2006: Crisp autumn air makes its final appearance © Copyright […]