The Big Kahuna: An Undeniably Good Monologue


The following is a clip from The Big Kahuna. I won’t go into the background of the movie (you can read a summary on This is one of the best monologues I’ve ever heard. Some people call it anti-Christian, but I have to disagree. It’s inspiring, really.

So what do you think?


5 Responses to “The Big Kahuna: An Undeniably Good Monologue”

  1. That was… an awesome monologue. Uh. Why don’t we get such “life lessons” monologues in recent films? They seem to be a thing of the 90s.

  2. I agree, we don’t have as many inspiring monologues these days. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, but the whole thing is set in one room, so there’s more of an emphasis on facial expressions and dialogue. Very cool.

  3. I actually added the film to my download queue after reading your post and watching that scene. (Yes, I’m an evil pirate. Arr.)

  4. 4 markus

    a friend of mine just told me to watch the final monologue of “the big kahuna” … it’s so truthful as well and thus i started googling for the movie and stumbled upon your blog. if you don’t mind i’d lake to place a link to your post even though it’s quite old 😉
    take care,

  5. 5 Fuzzy

    Perhaps the best monolog in the movie was completely overlooked here it was at the very end of the movie, it was by kevin spacey, listen to the very end of the movie, spacey orates so advice about what you should & should not do & think, great words of wisdom!

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