Music That Rocks (Literally)


It’s time for me to make a recommendation.

Caleb Travers & Big City Lights

These guys are awesome. They were recently voted the best alt-country band in St. Louis. Caleb, the lead vocalist and guitarist, has this unmatchable rich voice…sort of Ryan Adams meets Travis, only a little more rugged (in a good way). In this band, you get a little bit of everything. Country, rock, ROLL, pedal-steel…it’s all there. In the words of Laura Hamlet (StL Sound), “the music Caleb makes is richly woven and carefully considered—timeless, really… At first listen, you’re likely to stop whatever it is that you’re doing and listen—you know, really listen. This is a guy who’s got something to say.” Basically, think innovative but comfortably familiar.

I couldn’t have said it better. This band’s first and latest album, Blue Weathered Dreams is scheduled to be released February 9, 2008 at Off Broadway. So pencil that date in…or actually, make it pen, because you won’t want to miss this show. Click here to view their website.

Favorite tracks: 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10


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