Whoever invented spam should pull their lip over their head and swallow.


I just received an email that went like this:

for me too; his ‘old books’ have given himthey were useful, pretty, or funny, a new standisha motherly way which delights me. i rather to make a visit. while i am gone the scarecrow ‘i got the bracelet was no use.”

yet be fulfilled. presently maud emerged

Seriously? I hate spam. Whoever started this whole “yeah, it’s cool to sent people useless emails that don’t even sell anything or make you click on links that will make your computer crash” thing needs to get a life.


3 Responses to “Whoever invented spam should pull their lip over their head and swallow.”

  1. Yeah, I hate it too, except the true Spam!

  2. Is this where we all start community singing “Spam, Spam , Spam, Spam” a la Monty Python? 🙂

    Do you know what? I agree wholeheartedly. I am beginning to think I’m some kind of stock market whizz, because I’m constantly getting finance offers, stock options, new credit card this, new credit card that…it drives me crazy, but hey, its okay because I also seem to get loads of spam offering me every conceivable type of medication to calm me down (and some to [ahem] wake me up!) But what’s more galling is the so called “fun” mail I get from friends. I mean, tis okay to look a t occassionally funny stuff, but sometimes, I actually have stuff to DO IN REAL LIFE! I have a folder now for “daft mail” and it currently houses 56 UNREAD DAFT EMAILS! Never mind the hundreds I was stupid enough to open. Phew…I feel better for that little rant! :-0

  3. I resonate with you completely!

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