Solve this:




3 Responses to “Solve this:”

  1. 1 Les

    Laura…how? how? Did you, the math whiz, figure this out?

  2. I did, but not without the help of the person who sent it to me! I’ll wait for any other takers before I disclose the answer =)

  3. 3 brayanhabid

    The pieces can’t make a perfect triangle, as the red and dark green triangles have different angles. The red one has a smaller angles of about 20.5 degrees (tan 3/8), and the green one about 21.8 (tan 2/5). Both triangles look like having a straight hypotenuse, but it’s just because the line is too thick to show the difference. The green one is a bit steepier, so neither of the bigger “triangles” made with the shapes could be triangles, hence the empty space in one of them

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