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I found this post over at E-mail from Grandma. Hilarious. Advertisements

Date: 2008-02-26, 5:25PM PST Dear Hipster Record Store Clerk, Thank you for judging me on the CD I bought yesterday. Our passive-aggressive altercation made me realize how conformist I am for buying an old Rage Against The Machine album. Your condescension was just the intellectual wake-up call I needed. I discovered a new me yesterday, […]

What happens when we get carried away with badgering each other…. (I love this webcomic)

UPDATE: My new favorite search: “a paragraph about yourself”. Really? You don’t even bother changing it to “myself”! Look, kids, the only person who should write a paragraph about you is you. You really think you’re going to find what you’re looking foron the internet? Here’s an idea, you think-for-yourself-ers: THINK. You know, WordPress is […]



Hilarious Bud Light commercial. 

Since it’s Christmas season, I have to share this video: