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I found this post over at E-mail from Grandma. Hilarious. Advertisements

Someone actually thought this was a good idea: The Chimp Who Thought He Was a Boy  So sad.

UPDATE: My new favorite search: “a paragraph about yourself”. Really? You don’t even bother changing it to “myself”! Look, kids, the only person who should write a paragraph about you is you. You really think you’re going to find what you’re looking foron the internet? Here’s an idea, you think-for-yourself-ers: THINK. You know, WordPress is […]

Two rules, Norm


Dan: “Hey, hey. Hey, Norm? Norm. D’ya know the two rules in our office? You know what they are?” Norm: “Uh, the customer’s always right?” Dan: “Yeah, that’s right, Norm. Y’know what the second rule is? Re-read number one. Re-read the first rule, Norm. Here are our two rules around here: Rule number one? The […]

“Untitled 5”  Cool and unphased, he sits at the table. It was one of those days that’s not really a day. Overcast, windy, and humid. But cold…and leaves were everywhere. The only thing that’s been playing in his head from the moment he woke up was Untitled 5. For some reason he can’t remember how it started, but […]

Who Are They?


Mike is 26. He works at Applebee’s as a bartender six nights a week making minimum wage plus tips. He just financed a 2002 Nissan Altima and is excited to get a new paint job. After Mike graduated from his Catholic high school in West County, St. Louis, he chose not to attend college. Instead, […]