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What happens when we get carried away with badgering each other…. (I love this webcomic) Advertisements

UPDATE: My new favorite search: “a paragraph about yourself”. Really? You don’t even bother changing it to “myself”! Look, kids, the only person who should write a paragraph about you is you. You really think you’re going to find what you’re looking foron the internet? Here’s an idea, you think-for-yourself-ers: THINK. You know, WordPress is […]

Emoticons During Wartime  by Tom McNichol 🙂                No new attacks reported today. 😦                New attack reported today. =|:-)=          This e-mail is being monitored by Uncle Sam for your protection. 😡                I’d rather not say in an e-mail that’s being monitored for my protection. :-w               Our current leader speaks with forked tongue. *:o)              Our current leader […]