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What happens when we get carried away with badgering each other….

(I love this webcomic)


In case you didn’t notice, I’ve taken a break from blogging (not that I ever “blogged” in the traditional sense, or ever really had steady viewing charts). The reason(s)? Two law/tax-related jobs during tax season means I’m too busy to blog. I’m also neck deep in Calc III and a rather demanding online archaeology course.

I’ll be back in the spring….or sooner, if there’s something worth writing.

By the way, is anyone going to any good shows in the spring? ‘Tis the season for music.

PS….I’m pretty sure I straight punished yesterday’s Calc III test.

I just received an email that went like this:

for me too; his ‘old books’ have given himthey were useful, pretty, or funny, a new standisha motherly way which delights me. i rather to make a visit. while i am gone the scarecrow ‘i got the bracelet was no use.”

yet be fulfilled. presently maud emerged

Seriously? I hate spam. Whoever started this whole “yeah, it’s cool to sent people useless emails that don’t even sell anything or make you click on links that will make your computer crash” thing needs to get a life.

It’s Official


c3eebcd0251c2e50951e664c4c06595d.jpgRadiohead are coming to St. Louis.




I can hardly breathe.




It’s time for me to make a recommendation.

Caleb Travers & Big City Lights

These guys are awesome. They were recently voted the best alt-country band in St. Louis. Caleb, the lead vocalist and guitarist, has this unmatchable rich voice…sort of Ryan Adams meets Travis, only a little more rugged (in a good way). In this band, you get a little bit of everything. Country, rock, ROLL, pedal-steel…it’s all there. In the words of Laura Hamlet (StL Sound), “the music Caleb makes is richly woven and carefully considered—timeless, really… At first listen, you’re likely to stop whatever it is that you’re doing and listen—you know, really listen. This is a guy who’s got something to say.” Basically, think innovative but comfortably familiar.

I couldn’t have said it better. This band’s first and latest album, Blue Weathered Dreams is scheduled to be released February 9, 2008 at Off Broadway. So pencil that date in…or actually, make it pen, because you won’t want to miss this show. Click here to view their website.

Favorite tracks: 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10

UPDATE: My new favorite search: “a paragraph about yourself”. Really? You don’t even bother changing it to “myself”! Look, kids, the only person who should write a paragraph about you is you. You really think you’re going to find what you’re looking foron the internet? Here’s an idea, you think-for-yourself-ers: THINK.

You know, WordPress is pretty cool. I get to see the links people click to get to my page, I get to see the IP address from which people comment, and I get to see what people type into search engines to find me. There are many other features I love, but let’s focus on the search engine part. Thanks to this feature, I get to look at all the interesting things people type into Google (Yahoo, MSN, whatever). Some terms are pretty standard, like Cortez or social networking. Others are quite specific, demanding a lot from the search engine. For example, yesterday someone actually searched for “ripped of by expedia – what can i do?” This made me laugh pretty hard.So we’ve covered standard and specific….now let’s move to LAZY. You’d be surprised at how many search engine terms I see on my page each day that have to do with paragraphs. At first, I just thought it was a little bizarre, but then I realized what was going on. It’s the students! The high school kids who can’t write a paragraph as far as they could throw one. Here are some searches that turn up on my blog almost daily:

“paragraph about life”
“paragraph on christmas tree”
“paragraph about christmas”
“paragraph about life”
“paragraph about mistakes in life”
“paragraph about dyslexia”
“paragraph about india”

Seriously? It’s one thing to search for “India” or “Christmas”, but it’s another to hope you stumble across a paragraph that you can plagiarize. And it’s not like these are difficult topics, either. A paragraph about life? You’re telling me you can’t choke up a few sentences about your own life?Come on, folks….