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Caleb Travers has a blog! I just discovered this. Perhaps it’s been there all along? I’ve written a post about this musician before. Remember? His band is Caleb Travers & Big City Lights. That’s right, one of my favorite bands in St. Louis (actually, one of favorite bands in general). Anyway, he has a blog. So check it out […]

Date: 2008-02-26, 5:25PM PST Dear Hipster Record Store Clerk, Thank you for judging me on the CD I bought yesterday. Our passive-aggressive altercation made me realize how conformist I am for buying an old Rage Against The Machine album. Your condescension was just the intellectual wake-up call I needed. I discovered a new me yesterday, […]

It’s Official


Radiohead are coming to St. Louis. . . . I can hardly breathe. . . .

It’s time for me to make a recommendation. Caleb Travers & Big City Lights These guys are awesome. They were recently voted the best alt-country band in St. Louis. Caleb, the lead vocalist and guitarist, has this unmatchable rich voice…sort of Ryan Adams meets Travis, only a little more rugged (in a good way). In this […]

I have this friend Darin, who I knew at Mizzou. He’s living in Japan right now teaching (I think). For about two months, he’s been compiling a list of The Fifty Greatest Albums of All Time, and now it’s ready! I encourage you to take a look, he’s quite learned in the music scene. This […]

“Untitled 5”  Cool and unphased, he sits at the table. It was one of those days that’s not really a day. Overcast, windy, and humid. But cold…and leaves were everywhere. The only thing that’s been playing in his head from the moment he woke up was Untitled 5. For some reason he can’t remember how it started, but […]